Season 6 Egg & Sausage Re-Hash

I re-watched Season 6 to get ready for the premiere—that whole Jon Snow thing was nuts, huh? I guess we should all start calling him Jon Targaryen now, which just doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely.  And how about the time Cersei ‘sploded the whole city because she didn’t get to use Mute Mountain in her trial by combat?  She petty.

Mostly, my takeaway from season 6 was that I’m still bummed about the Hodor episode, but for different reasons this time: Dude was so excited when Meera was talking about all the breakfast foods she’d make him once they got out of the cave.  Poor fella never got his eggs and sausage. Reminds me of college when my brother would promise me BK breakfast if I got out of bed before noon.  Why do I like Croissan’wiches so much?  I don’t know.  I’m not making Croissan’wiches, though, that would make no sense.  I’m going to cook up a sausage and egg hash—a season 6 re-hash, if you will, for my boy, Hodor.

Season 6 Sausage & Egg Re-Hash


1 lb. Polish Sausage or Kielbasa, Sliced
1 lb. Baby Red Potatoes, Cut into Quarters
3 Sweet Peppers, Chopped (Yellow, Red, Orange)
1 Sweet Onion, Chopped
1 tbsp. Chopped Garlic
Seasoned Salt
4 eggs
Olive Oil


Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat in a large frying pan.  Season the potatoes generously with seasoned salt and paprika and pepper, to taste.  Cook the potatoes and onions for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, uncovered, and an additional 5 minutes covered.  Potatoes should be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside before proceeding.  Scrape the bottom of the pan to get the bittens out, so they don’t burn.

Add garlic, sweet peppers, and sausage to potato mixture and cook 5-7 minutes more, stirring occasionally.  Scrape bottom of the pan one more time.  Reduce heat slightly and crack 4 eggs on top of the hash.  Cover with the lid and cook until eggs are at desired doneness (5 minutes over easy, about 9 minutes for a hard yolk).  The photos are not pretty.

Some slop on a plate

Season 6 was Arya-heavy, which is fine, I guess.  I’m mostly only interested in her storyline when she’s with The Hound or that cute boy who makes wolf bread.  I sure hope Season 7 brings us more baked goods.  Since Arya’s running out of people to kill, I expect to see much less of her this season.  It has been pretty adorable to see her transform from ornery, li’l arrow-shooting troublemaker to full-on throat-slitter.  I made a Walder’s Sons’ Pie, and it looked pretty messed up, to be honest.  But, if you’re a sadist, go ahead and make a quiche or pot pie and top with dead man fingers, to taste.

Frey Fingers 

Onion, Chopped
Pie Crust

Roll some pre-made pie crust in your palms, until dough is about 2.5 inches long.  Make indents along the sides of the finger, and press down slightly in the middle, so the dough doesn’t look too perfect.  Using a paring knife, cut some slits to make a nail bed and joint creases.  Put on baking parchment and bake for about 10 minutes at 325 degrees. Cut up some onion and cook in oil on low—it will shrink as it cooks, so make the onion slices larger than the nail bed.  Press fingernail on the nail bed and arrange so fingers protrude disgustingly from said pie or quiche.  Serve with steamed asparagus, for health.

GOT finger
That’s a ‘no’ for me, dawg.

I’m not sure what to expect from Season 7.  Adam Holt thinks that Cirsei’s gonna die within the first 3 episodes, since she has no allies left–but, I disagree.  We need a good villain, and as of now, Littlefinger and Cirsei are all we’ve got.  I do still think that Jaime is going to kill Cirsei, but that’s some finale material right there.  Wouldn’t this be a nice time to transition into bold predictions?  Yes.

Julie’s Bold Prediction

We will see a White Wedding in Season 7: The Night King marries Zombie Osha in front of a beautiful, snowy backdrop.  The young marriage shows signs of trouble as they argue over where to take their honeymoon.  Littlefinger will continue to whisper-talk and lurk in corners.  Cirsei needs Tyrion’s help, he gives it to her, and Dany questions his loyalty.  Lady Olenna meets up with Varys for some overly-witty, Gossip Girl-inspired banter.  Robin gets hot.

Tim Paluch’s Bold Prediction

This season will be boring and just sets up the final six episodes in 2019.

Josh Signs’s Bold Prediction

Cersei Lannister spends the entire season ruining just about anything she can get her hands on, until the Mother of Dragons takes her throne (prob happen until Season 8 and will no doubt be dragged out for the whole season).

Dany will head to the throne, only to have Jon Snow be all like, “Naw yo, mine.”

Baelish dies (👏 God, I hope).

Sansa is still annoying and never really accomplishes anything.

I want everything to be about Arya, always, but I think her story was so heavy last season that she’s going to have the tiniest of parts. I do think she Will FINALLY get back together with Gendry for a quest!

Brienne kills 1,000 White Walkers and hangs with Bran.

That’s all. 👑⚔👑⚔👑⚔

Chris A.’s Bold Prediction

The House of Black and White (the Faceless Men) will start hunting for Jon Snow.

Jon R.’s Bold Prediction

 Dany will marry a dragon.  Literally.

Josh Dreyer’s Bold Prediction

I predict 6-to-8 inches of Snow.  Heyooooo.

Well, I hope Jon R. is wrong and beastiality doesn’t become a major plot point, but I guess you never know.  Happy Thrones Day, everyone! Pop open that red wine, get out your comfiest wolf fur blanket, and find yourself a good seat.  I hope it’s a good one tonight!





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