Arya Hungry?

Thegreyjoyofcooking started with making a Sunday dinner before we watched Game of Thrones.  Over time, our meals became more and more Thrones-inspired–we Made Shepherd’s Pie, Cornish Hen, and pot roast because wanted to make a meal that we thought characters on the show might actually eat.  I shared a few meals that I made on Facebook  that started to get a little more conceptual (French “Onion Knight” soup with homemade croutons!  Burn Shireen at the Steak Sandwiches!  Jon Snow Got Stabbed in the Short Rib Pot Pie!) and went from there. My friends and fellow GOT fans contribute weekly to a section I like to call “Bold Predictions,” which are sometimes feasible, sometimes insane, and always, always extra-bold. I hope you enjoy!



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